About Me

Hello World,
So happy you are here. Let me take the opportunity to introduce myself.
I am Deepali and I am a passionate cook and food has been my weakness as well as my strength 🙂
I love to cook and find joy in feeding others.
Although I am a big time foodie as I would love to call myself, I am not really fascinated by the long and complicated recipes.
I love recreating recipes which are easy, quick and at the same time mind blowing.

Originally from India, I currently reside in Sydney, Australia along with my husband and 2 kids.
Moving to Australia bought me more close to different cuisines and increased my curiosity to try them out.
My family enjoys the food I cook and are my biggest critics as well as my biggest supporters.
Glad to take you all along on my culinary journey.

I hope you enjoy my recipes and love them.
Do drop a message if you try and like any of my recipes.