Instant Crispy Jalebis

As a child Jalebis always excited me, Crispy and sweet and a combination of Jalebis with fafda or Rabri is just beyond amazing.
The Jalebis have been the most trending ones during this Quarantine time. I was also tempted to make them and didn’t want to be left behind. Tried a few recipes but couldn’t get it right. But finally I got it.
Happened to try this recipe posted on YouTube Cookingshooking channel …if you need a video for reference.

Instant jalebis
For sugar syrup
200 grams of sugar /1 bowl
1 bowl of water
Crushed cardamoms 2
Lemon juice 1/2tsp
Saffron a pinch
Orange/ yellow food colour

For jalebi
Maida 1 bowl/ 150 grams
Eno 1 sachet or 1 1/4 tsp
Water 1 cup or as needed
Oil to deep fry

For Chashni / sugar syrup
Heat sugar and water in a pan
Let it bring to boil
Add saffron, food colour and lime juice
Bring it to a nice boil.
Keep aside

For jalebis
Mix maida and eno in a bowl and mix well.
Add water gradually and make a thick batter
Make sure there are no lumps.
The batter should be of dropping consistency
Add more water if it requires
Add this in sauce bottle

Meanwhile heat oil in a flat bottomed pan
When oil is hot reduce the flame and make jalebis
Once they change colour turn them upside down
Fry them on medium low and high heat..adjust the heat as required.
Take out the jalebis and dip in sugar syrup
Let them be in there for a minute then take them out. Crispy and yummy jalebis are ready 😍

Rabdi with Jalebi

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